LENZ社ヒートソックス 5.0 TOE CAP®[オフィシャル]
[LENZ]ヒートソックス 5.0 TOE CAP®
<transcy>Heat Socks LENZ 5.0 TOE CAP® [Official]</transcy>
<transcy>Heat Socks LENZ 5.0 TOE CAP® [Official]</transcy>
<transcy>Heat Socks LENZ 5.0 TOE CAP® [Official]</transcy>
<transcy>Heat Socks LENZ 5.0 TOE CAP® [Official]</transcy>
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Heat Socks LENZ 5.0 TOE CAP® [Official]

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The unisex model is suitable for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports, as well as using the bike all year round. Simply connect the battery pack to your smartphone via the Bluetooth app. For convenience, it has been translated into Japanese.


Size: (35-38) / Japanese size 22.0cm-24.5cm

Size: (39-41) / Japanese size 25.0cm-26.5cm

Size: (42-44) / Japanese size 27.0cm-28.5cm

Size: (45-47) / Japanese size 29.0cm-30.5cm


Black / Red


50% polyester

Nylon 25%

Merino Wool 15%

Silk 5%

Spandex 3%

Polypropylene 2%


High-performance socks with integrated heat-generating parts that you won't notice even if you're wearing them Use the latest heat-generating body that completely wraps the entire toe. Optimal humidity control function for ergonomics. Adds a shin protector based on the knitting method. Reinforced padding on exposed parts. Ring bandage that is ideal for supporting the foot. The lithium pack can be easily removed with the snap button on the leg. Lithium packs are available on all LENZ heat socks, heat vests, waist warmers and LED system models. Lithium pack and leg band can be attached with snap buttons The temperature can be adjusted in 3 steps by setting the lithium pack. Remotely sustains and controls the temperature using a smartphone (using Bluetooth smart ready) Keeps warm for up to 14 hours Global USB charger with charging display Completes charging in a short time With a flexible plastic case .

Breathable, ergonomically shaped socks. It has a humidity control function, and is odorless, has a perfect fit, and feels good to the touch. Silk is also used as the material, and it has soft seams. Achieves warmth with a length above the knee regardless of the season.

  • Functional socks with integrated, imperceptible heating element
  • The latest generation heating element that completely wraps the toe part
  • A natural mix of merino wool and silk supports the outstanding warmth effect of socks
  • Optimal moisture transport Ergonomically woven extra shin guard
  • Padding of exposed area
  • Ring bandage for optimal foot support
  • Lithium pack can be easily fixed with snap fasteners on the cuffs
  • Machine washable up to 30 ° C


    Lenz Heat Socks 5.0 toe cap ® 2 pairs.

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