LENZ Japan

Longsleeve Men Merino 6.0 Turtle Neck

  • セール
  • ¥7,140
  • 通常価格 ¥10,200
  • 残り9個


  • 低温用のメリノで作られた高品質の機能性ウェア
  • 現代のスポーツウェアの第1層
  • 理想的な水分輸送と速乾性
  • 自然な姿勢を維持するための最適なフィット

Merino wool excellent heating properties, breathable, highly elastic, light, fast-drying – and is anti-bacterial, which has a positive effect on the odor.

Although the fine merino wool is a lot less irritating then rough wool, it is still a natural product which can scratch and chafe.

It is for this reason that Lenz products with merino SOFTTEC contain a special inside layer made from high-tech yarns – for 100% non-scratch comfort and high durability.

  • high-quality functional wear made of merino for low temperatures
  • 1st layer of modern sportswear
  • ideal moisture transport and fast drying
  • optimal fit for maintaining your natural posture