How to cure chilblains: LENZ heat socks

If your toes become very itchy when temperatures are cold and they swell and appear red, blue, or white, you may have chilblains. Chilblains are a condition in which the extremities of the body become swollen and itchy due to a combination of cold weather and poor circulation. It usually occurs on the toes, but can also occur on the fingers, nose, and earlobes.

Chilblains are caused by poor blood circulation, so they get worse when the temperature drops. A great way to manage them is to keep your body temperature warm, especially in the affected area. It is usually recommended that people who suffer from chilblains in their toes wear warm, breathable socks. However, standard socks usually do not provide enough warmth, especially when temperatures are cold.

Heated socks designed by the Austrian company LENZ are a great solution for people who suffer from chilblains. This is because socks have heating elements that specifically target the toe area. The heat generated creates a consistent warm temperature on the wearer's toes. Therefore, it can maintain the circulation of the body and the temperature of the feet, which prevents the occurrence of chilblains.

LENZ heat socks are very popular among skiers and snowboarders who spend most of their day outdoors in the cold. However, they have also become popular products in the general community. They are worn as common socks and have significantly improved the health of people suffering from chilblains, especially the elderly.

Hiroshi Sato, a 68-year-old from Tokyo who has experienced chilblains every winter for the past few years, started using LENZ heated socks two years ago. “I always had problems with poor circulation in my toes. When winter came, I wore wool socks and used hot compresses on my feet to keep them warm, but I still got chilblains.

After using LENZ heat socks, my toes stopped itching and my feet started to return to normal. When I went to see my podiatrist, she asked me what I had done because the overall health of my feet had really improved. She was very impressed with the heated socks. She advised me to continue using them during cold weather to keep chilblains away and keep my feet healthy. ”

There are various suggested methods to try to cure chilblains, including home treatments, medications, and creams. However, LENZ 's heated socks have been successful as a natural, drug-free solution and are just as effective, if not a better way to prevent and manage chilblains.

How LENZ heat socks work

The sock's patented "toe cap design" and technology generates heat in the toe area by a small battery pack attached to the sock. The battery is located at the top of the sock (just below the knee) and is hidden under the folds of the sock so the wearer cannot see or feel it. The battery itself provides three levels of heat from low to high, allowing the wearer to adjust the amount of heat they want in their toes.

If wearers want to further fine-tune heat levels, they can download the LENZ phone app. This phone app connects to the socks via Bluetooth and not only allows the wearer to choose from 10 heat levels, but also indicates how much battery is left in each sock. The socks are made of 100% merino wool (the best type of wool that is breathable to keep you warm and prevent sweating) and are machine washable.

Where to buy LENZ heat socks

LENZ heat socks are available for purchase online from the Hokkaido Ski Club Shop and selected retailers nationwide. LENZ also has heated gloves and mittens available for purchase.

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