LENZ Battery FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

About the lithium pack:
  • How long do lithium packs last ?

See the Lenz heat app here .

  • What is the difference between the RCB 1200-lithium battery pack and the RCB 1800-lithium battery pack ?

Lithium Battery Pack 1200 / RC1200—Lithium Battery Pack/RCB1200 Lithium Battery Pack/RCB1800—Lithium Battery Pack has the following features. :

Longer lasting time (See temperature setting overview. RCB1800 is warmer and lasts longer than RCB1200.)

・The temperature can be set in 3 steps.

・Equipped with temperature control display

・Equipped with function buttons that allow different temperature settings

・The RC1200 works only with the remote control, but the RCB1200/RCB1800 series works with the Lenz heat app (temperature can be adjusted with a smartphone) and the remote control.

  •  Compatibility of LENZ Lithium Packs and LENZ Products

Lenz heat socks

RCB1200 - lithium battery pack

RCB1800 - lithium battery pack

Lenz heat vest/waist warmer

RCB1200 - lithium battery pack

RCB1800 - lithium battery pack

Lenz heat gloves

Battery pack Glove Type 2

LED system

RCB1200 - lithium battery pack

RCB1800 - lithium battery pack

  • Why is the lithium pack LED light on even though the lithium pack is not powered on?
When the central LED light flashes (every 2-3 seconds), it indicates that the lithium pack is in standby mode. The switch-off time depends on the heat production of the lithium pack. Please read the manual carefully and refer to the chart below. The Lithium Pack RCB has heat even when switched to a heat level (1, 2 or 3) when no heat socks/vest or waist warmer is attached or when the battery is in standby mode (middle LED flashes) There is an automatic shutdown function that automatically turns off when socks/vest or waist warmers are not attached (power off).

Lithium pack RCB 1200

Lithium pack RCB 1800

The left pushbutton is surrounded by a red frame.

The middle push button on the left is surrounded by a red frame.

Shutdown time: 10 minutes

Shutdown time: 12 hours

  • What should I do when the lithium pack does not change from standby mode to power off mode and the light keeps blinking?

・Make sure heat socks/vest/waist warmers are not connected to the lithium pack.

- Make sure the Lenz Heat app is completely closed on your smartphone and not connected via Bluetooth .

・Make sure there is no active connection between the lithium pack and Bluetooth enabled devices (BLE devices).

・Press the power button on the lithium pack to switch the lithium pack to standby mode.

  • How do I know if my lithium pack will work with the LENZ Heat App?

Bluetooth-enabled lithium battery packs have a "Bluetooth" icon on the front and a "Bluetooth Smart" mark on the back.

Lenz Bluetooth battery

  • What should I do for long-term storage?

After discharging the current of the lithium pack, charge it only half. (For the method, please refer to the manual. ( download instruction )

Please do not fully charge. Turn off the lithium pack and store it separately from the charger. We also recommend discharging the lithium pack every 6 months and recharging it half way. Proper storage of lithium packs will improve battery performance and life.

  • How do I know if it is only half charged?

After fully discharging the lithium pack, charge it for about 1-2 hours. With the Lithium Battery Pack RCB 1200/RCB 1800, you can check the charging status at any time with the Lenz Heat App.

  • Please tell me why the rubber ring is included in the package.

Each set of lithium battery packs RCB 1200 / RCB 1800 includes 3 x 2 elastic rubber rings. These colored rubber rings make it easier to combine battery packs, for example when more friends/family members use the same lithium battery pack. In that case, you can mark the battery pack with one color (eg yellow) and others mark the battery pack with a different color (eg red). The rubber ring can be fixed between batteries.

Therefore, even if the lithium pack is already synced with the Lenz heat app, there will be no confusion about mixing up the lithium pack.

About Heat Socks / Gloves / Vest

  • How do heat socks work?

LENZ's Heat Socks are high-performance socks made from a merino wool blend. The heating part is sewn together with the socks, and the lithium pack can be attached to the leg band with a snap button. It is also possible to cover the lithium pack with a leg band. The temperature can be adjusted with a lithium pack, remote control, and continuously with a smartphone. (lithium battery pack RCB 1200/1800).

leg fit battery

  • Where do heat socks generate heat from?

The Heat Element 1.0 is placed on the ball of the foot, and after a short period of time, the heat spreads throughout the sole of the foot. In addition, the Heat Socks 5.0 toe cap® (registered trademark) has a heat-generating part that covers the entire toe, warming the toes from above and below.

This creates the perfect space for comfort and well-being.

  • What are the differences between the Heat Socks 1.0, Heat Socks Slim Fit 1.0 and Heat Socks 5.0 Toe Cap®?

The Heat Socks 1.0 are ideal for all outdoor activities thanks to their shin protector and heat generating areas just below the toes and on the ball of the foot.

The Heat Socks Slim Fit 1.0 has an intentionally narrow forefoot area for a better fit. It also has a shin protector and a heating element just below the toes and on the ball of the foot, making it ideal for all outdoor activities.

The Heat Sock 5.0 toe cap® has a shin protector function and a heat generating part that completely covers the entire toe. This means that your toes are warmed from above and below, creating the most comfortable foot space. These Heat Socks 5.0 Toe Cap® are suitable for all outdoor activities, but especially ski boots with a tight toe fit.

Click here for an overview with photos. OverviewOverview _

  • How do heat vests work?

The lithium battery of the heat vest can be fixed with the push buttons on the inside of the left and right. Heat is also released in the kidneys and back. The warmth can be continuously adjusted on the lithium battery pack, via remote control or smartphone (lithium pack RcB 1200/1800).

  • heat socks:

- Machine wash at 30°C.

- Please refrain from washing your hands.

- When washing socks, please use the attached laundry bag.

- Please refrain from dehydration.

- Do not tumble dry.

- Please refrain from washing with boiling water.

- Do not use bleach.

- Please refrain from using an iron. Also, please refrain from dry cleaning.

-Remove the lithium pack before washing the heat socks.

  • heat vest: 

- Machine wash at 30°C. (Fashionable washing setting in the washing machine)

- Do not use bleach. Also, please refrain from tumble drying.

- Do not iron.

- Do not dry clean.

- Please close the zipper of the jacket tightly before washing, and also tighten the Velcro that secures the lithium pack.

- Please remove the lithium pack before washing.

- Do not squeeze the vest or lithium pack fixing part.

  • Heat gloves: 

- Heat gloves are not washable.

-For optimal drying, we recommend our Space Dryer 1.0 or Space Dryer 2.0.

About drying and hygiene

  • Is it okay to use a space dryer without being supervised ?

Our "Dryer & Warmer" products are CE certified (TÜV) and comply with all European regulations and guidelines required for safe use.

- temperature control

- Overheat protection function

- The Space Dryer 1.0 is additionally equipped with an automatic switch-off function that can be adjusted for 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours respectively.

*For more information on safety features, please refer to the user manual.

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