LENZ Battery Storage | Correct storage and maintenance methods for lithium-ion batteries.

Correct storage and maintenance methods for LENZ lithium-ion batteries. We also provide instructions on how to reuse batteries that have been stored incorrectly.

Storage method

  1. Please discharge it once and then charge it only half way (half-charge) before storing it.

*(See instructions - Do not fully charge . Turn off the battery and unplug the charger.

  1. Store at 5℃ to 20℃ in a cool, dry and dark place.
  2. Basically, please avoid long-term non-use. However, if you store the battery without using it for a long period of time, please discharge the battery once and charge it by half (half-charge) every six months.
  3. Please fully charge the battery before use.

Proper battery storage will maximize battery performance and lifespan. Please refer to the instructions for details.

How to handle product reuse

If you have stored the battery over the summer or for an extended period of time without following the above steps, please fully discharge and fully charge the battery three times before using it again after storage. We recommend that you do so.

This preparation requires that the battery be connected to the sock/vest/bandage or sole, discharged at maximum setting, and then fully charged so that the product is ready for use.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our service counter address or email address.

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