Flaxta Solid goggles: open new horizons for winter

Hello, ski and snowboard enthusiasts! Today I would like to talk about Flaxta's new product, Solid goggles. This new product, introduced for the 23/24 winter season, promises to provide the best experience in mountain activities.

Design and functionality

Solid goggles have a slim, sleek design for style and performance. Based on the award-winning Prime goggle, it has a clean look and fits people with small to medium-sized faces.

Furthermore, the best feature of Solid goggles is that they use a cylindrical double lens made by ZEISS. This lens provides crystal clear and sharp vision with Enlighten lens technology. It allows you to better capture visual information and increase contrast to ensure safe riding on the slopes.

long-term comfort

Anti-fog and anti-scratch coated lenses ensure uninterrupted vision throughout your day in the mountains. In addition, the 3-layer ThermoShape face foam conforms to your face and maintains comfort even during long periods of use.


Frame size: Medium Interchangeable lenses: Yes Helmet compatible: Yes
Equipped with ZEISS cylindrical double lens
3D shaped face form Enlightened lens technology maximizes contrast Compatible with small to medium fits
Together with Flaxta's Solid goggles, you'll definitely enjoy your mountain activities even more. Get the ultimate riding experience with these goggles that combine style, performance and practicality.

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