LENZ BODY HEAT SYSTEM | Improve performance, reduce risk of injury and increase comfort

Active heat from upper body to legs. The smart Lenz battery system can be combined with all Lenz Heat products, including socks, vests, bandages and gloves. Lenz thermal products actively generate heat, and the body requires significantly less energy to maintain its "pleasant climate." This improves performance and concentration in cold temperatures and reduces the risk of injury.

Heat output can be adjusted in 3 stages directly on the lithium pack. Or, if you want something even more convenient, just download the free LenzHeat app to your smartphone. The heat can be adjusted continuously with your smartphone and each product can be heated individually.

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In cold temperatures, the outermost tips freeze first: the tip of the nose, fingers, and toes. It uses a lot of energy to maintain body temperature when it's cold. This reduces strength and performance by up to 50%. If your body temperature is too low, your performance and concentration will be significantly reduced. Using the Lenz Body Heat System you can counteract these symptoms.

Active body heat lens

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LENZ Heat Gloves 4.0 (Male) [Official]

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